Welcome to International Business Bank project!

International Business Bank / IBB is an unique international financial project that will operate with light byrocrazy thanks to latest technology and financial infrastructure. IBB believe in direct service in corporate and business banking. With face to face service on clients time, place, languages we strongly believe  this provide confidentiality, security and far better service.

In todays business banking world clients feel many times that they are only paying account numbers and only who benefits is the bank.

International Business Bank will use the latest technology in blockchain technology where we have our completly own system that easy can be integrated with any financial system in the world. Also thanks to an advance algorithm that make banking many times faster and secure. Clients can do most of their banking needs 24/7 from their computer or mobile device. Apply for credit, credit cards, loans, investments, questions and much more that will be taked care in a second. There will always be an option for personal service.

With our direct face to face system you will have access to your bank in person in most places around the world. IBB system is based on to have thousands of bank representatives around the world. These representatives will be accesible from your IBB mobile app. You will see IBB representative locations, languages and images.  You can search on date and time and see what representatives will be ready to serve you on these times.  Representatives can access only your basic account info and apply for any changes client want, also help client to sign contracts.  Most important is that client get face to face direct info in clients time, place and languages.

Representatives can also offer more services that IBB can offer. Investments, real estate, deposits, insurances, company set ups and much more. Representative give clients direct answers in private meetings. The IBB app also make it possible for clients to call direct to the bank or clients representative in a secure way.

In todays  Business Banking World it is hard to bank without losses. This is why IBB strategical locations will be in safe havens like: Dubai.UAE, Hongkong, China, Australia, but also will have offices in Europe and USA. IBB idea is to offer safety in business banking world. We believe that best location for a world head quarter is in Dubai International Financial center in Dubai.UAE.

Anyway the management team for IBB will be American and European. President for future IBB have large experience from International Bank management like Bank of America and New York Mellon corp.

We are searching for investors to take the step to get on-board on International Business Bank.

Contact us on: info@internationalbusinessbank.info


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